(Prototype) You're now the captain of a ship called "The Lucky Deck", which you won through a game of cards. Thing is, the ship's condition is... fragile and your crew, well, there isn't much of a crew left. A bunch of scallywags, a depressed first mate and, thankfully for you, a happy-go-lucky quartermaster who warms up quickly to your sudden ascension to captainhood. It's time to show them what you're made of! Travel across the vast oceans to start making a fortune as a pirate! Recruit more interesting people you meet along the way, find hidden treasure in secret coves and, most importantly, call to arms and start raiding other ships! Once your treasure room's full of loot, head to a nearby port town, rest up, and trade materials to buy yourself ship upgrades, items and more! Along your journey you will start getting familiar with your constantly expanding crew, as you face ever-growing threats such as the navy, pirate nemeses and even mystical beasts such as... The Strawberry Squid! Trust me, it's scarier than it sounds. Explore vast oceans, fight for survival, bond with your crew and unveil fantastic secrets along your journey to become the greatest pirate of all!


One of several interesting internal prototypes that were developed at Fabraz and were eventually replaced by another more promising prototype!


  • Explore the vast oceans in a large open world full of dangers, secrets and loot!
  • Expand your crew with new members, each with their own stories to tell!
  • Dock at port towns and explore! Buy ship upgrades, pick up quests and bounties, trade materials, and more!
  • Discover other dockable out at sea, who knows what secrets and loot they might hold?
  • Dynamic, fast-paced and physics based combat between ships that display real time damage as you duke it out!
  • Special aquatic battles against mystical beasts and monsters like the Strawberry Squid!
  • Fully customizable ship, pick which crewmembers and their respective abilities are active in battle!
  • A full fledged, story heavy campaign as well as hundreds of interesting sidequests to explore and unlock.


Prototype TrailerVimeo

Prototype GameplayVimeo


There are currently no logos or icons available for Seadog Shanty. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

About Fabraz

Fabraz is an indie game dev studio based in New York drawing from minds and talent found across the world. Our expansive teams are behind critical darling Slime-san, which was featured acrossed several platforms, and we are currently working on Demon Turf! Fabraz also publishes indie gems such as Skellboy and SpiritSphere DX to the Nintendo Switch. Several of our team members are part of the NYU Game Center Incubator, Games 4 Change, Playcrafting and even Forbes 30 under 30! If you want games that are chock full of humor and charm, you've found the right place!
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Seadog Shanty Credits

Fabian Rastorfer
Lead and Artist
Ben Miller
Lead and Programmer
Edgar Castro
Combat and Level Design
Joonas Turner
Sound Design
Jessica Aumaitre
Poster Design