You are an Andari, an alien species hated across the galaxy for assuming the forms of whomever, or whatever, they eat. With your ship in need of repairs, you are forced to dock at a spaceport in Sector C, risking discovery if you’re not careful. Hunt down the necessary C.Credits in order continue your journey back home to Andari Prime.


Our second Ludum Dare entry, created in under 72 hours. The theme was “Shapeshifting”. The scope we had for Andari Prime was immense and involved a breathing, active and engaging open world. A world that have unique characters, with unique dialogue based on your shapeshifting form. A world that you can platform and explore based on your shapeshifting abilities!


  • Use your shapeshifting to acquire new abilities! Become tiny and climb walls, become fast as lightning or become huge and destroy your surroundings!
  • A fully explorable, open world with tons of items to collect, easter eggs to find and narrative to uncover!
  • Every character has unique dialogue for each of your shapeshifting forms!
  • Unique side quests like platforming challenges await you wile you run against the clock to complete your mission!
  • A fully interactive tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know.
  • A soundtrack of 3 songs invoking the feel of a seedy space port.


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Livestream VideoYouTube


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Selected Articles

  • Wow absolutely gorgeous, this world is amazing! A bit of options on the control of the camera, a few fixes on dialogues boxes and you've got something to ask for my money! No jokes!
    Edo Miyamoto, Ludum Dare Comment
  • This has style in spades... really nice aesthetics, great sense of exploration, love how you could go into different buildings, nice little world you created.
    Big Cow, Ludum Dare Comment
  • Nicely ambient game, awesome music, good implementation of theme.
    iApc, Ludum Dare Comment
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Andari Prime Credits

Fabian Rastorfer
Lead and Artist
Ben Miller
Lead and Programmer
Edgar Castro
Secondary Programmer
Petey Petersen
Writer and 3D Models